Best Practices

Effective Enforcement

Reducing Alcohol Sales to Underage Purchasers

The bottom line is this: underage drinking is illegal. However, most minors who drink never get caught and they never see the negative effects of their actions. The same can be said for many of the people who facilitate alcohol usage among those under 21. Only through coordinated efforts with law enforcement can we hope to stem this growing problem. Below is just one of the many successful strategies that have been developed.

Pennsylvania Success Stories

When alcohol-related crimes began to get out of hand in the college town of Bloomsburg, area police developed multiple ordinances to better combat the problem. They have instituted a zero tolerance policy in alcohol-related offenses and eliminated plea bargaining in these cases. By enforcing laws against open containers, excessive noise, and disorderly gatherings as well as improving inspections on housing, authorities are dedicated to dramatically lessening this problem.