Evaluation & Assessment

Tools for Evaluation & Assessment

Below we have gathered numerous tools that you may use for evaluation and assessment purposes.

Alcohol Screening

This free service, provided by the Boston University School of Public Health, allows individuals to analyze their own alcohol consumption habits and determine if they are unhealthy patterns.


National Community Anti-Drug Coalition Institute

This website offers solutions for communities in need of anti-drug training, technical assistance, and information.


PDF of Developing Effective Coalitions: An Eight Step Guide

Community outreach programs can’t function properly if the organizations involved in them aren’t working together. This guide provides the resources necessary to ensure that your coalition is strong enough to support the program it is promoting.

Instruments for Evaluation of Prevention: 12 Years and Younger

These various surveys and tests, aimed at students ages 12 and younger, allow for the gathering of underage drinking data and assessment.

Substance Use, Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitudes

American Drug and Alcohol Survey
(4th-6th form)
Order from Rocky Mountain Behavioral Science
Institute, http://www.rmbsi.com.
PRIDE Survey (4th-6th form) Order from PRIDE Surveys,

Substance Use Only

Note: There are no identified standard instruments designed to measure substance use for
children younger than 9 years old.
Drug Education Center Student Survey
(ages 9 through 18)
Information about this instrument is in NCADI Item
No. BK213, http://ncadi.samhsa.gov.
Substance Use Checklist Information about this instrument is in NCADI Item
No. BK213, http://ncadi.samhsa.gov.

CSAP’s Prevention Pathways: Evaluation Technical Assistance

This website, from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), provides information on evaluating specific programs to see if they are working properly and if the resources are being used appropriately.


CSAP’s Prevention Pathways: Evaluation Courses

These courses offer insight into evaluating substance abuse programs and using collected data properly.