Tips on How to Write Effective Applications

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) Grant is a one year (state fiscal year July 1 thru June 30) grant with a maximum amount of $15,000.00. The goal of the grant is to reduce and/or eliminate dangerous and underage use of alcohol utilizing the Environmental Management Model. For more info, click here.

In writing an effective grant application for funding consideration by the PLCB we offer the following recommendations:

  • Read the entire application carefully and make sure you understand what is required. If you have questions, call the PLCB at 717-772-1432.
  • Complete all necessary information and ensure accuracy prior to submission. Incomplete applications will not receive a score.
  • If your organization does not have the necessary state related funding numbers requested for the application, you will need to secure them prior to submission. Contact the PLCB at 717-772-1432 for assistance.
  • Be succinct in your grant narrative. Explain what you want to accomplish, how it will be accomplished, and the measureable outcomes you hope to achieve.
  • Be thorough in your budget preparation and budget narrative. List hourly rates (if feasible) and known expense amounts.
  • Evaluation is a critical component of the application. Make sure you have an evaluator identified prior to submitting the grant application.