This section features recent and important news articles relating to alcohol. Each article is listed by date and headline, and shows you the first paragraph of text. To read the entire article, simply click on the link.

May 2007
"The Hidden Epidemic of Very Young Alcoholics"
The stats disguise a startling truth: Kids are starting to drink at the age of 11, 10, even 9. This is how it's happening — and how three young drinkers finally stopped.

July 30, 2006
"Are You a Toxic Parent "
True or False: ·Kids are going to drink anyway, so they might as well do it at home, under adult supervision ·Restricting teenagers makes no sense when they'll be on their own in college soon enough ·You'd rather be your child's friend than an authority figure If you answered 'true' to any of the above, you are not alone. But that doesn't mean you're right

July 7, 2006
"Study Finds No Support For Claims That Alcohol Industry Targets Youth"
A Penn State study finds no economic evidence that the alcohol beverage industry targets youth in its magazine ads, as alleged by critics.

March 5, 2006
"New Anti-drug Program Shows ‘Phenomenal’ Success By Focusing On Positives"
A newly-released study suggests that a well-designed in-school and community
can dramatically cut marijuana and alcohol use among young teens.

Be under your own influence communication campaign.pdf

November 30, 2005
"Lowering the drinking age increases car crashes among youth, study finds"
Lowering the drinking age causes a dramatic increase in alcohol-related car crashes among young people,
according to a new study based on data from New Zealand, where the
government dropped the drinking age to 18 six years ago.