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Brain Development and Early Alcohol Use

As children grow and develop, their brains go through as many changes as the rest of their bodies, perhaps even more. That’s why this is a crucial time to prevent the use of alcohol. In minors, alcohol can permanently impair the development of a wide range of functions, including memory and balance, and can cause actual shrinking in parts of the brain.

Substance Use and the Adolescent Brain: An Overview with a Focus on Alcohol

This study from the Duke University Medical Center shows how alcohol affects adolescents differently than adults, covers various brain activities, and compares them across various age groups.

Underage Drinking and the Developing Brain

This report, facilitated by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, makes the case for an association between underage drinking and brain damage. It also states that some cognitive disorders continue in adolescent drinkers even weeks after they have stopped drinking.