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PRIDE Surveys

The PRIDE Surveys are national questionnaires provided to parents and students to gather information on drugs and alcohol, violence, social influences, and policies. The resulting data is presented in a series of easily read graphs and charts.

PRIDE Questionnaire Report for Parents, 2004-05 National Summary

The results show that as the child grows older, there is a steady increase in the percentage of parents who believe alcohol use is evident. The overwhelming perception is that the majority of alcohol is consumed on the weekends. Parents also believe that, as their child grows, alcohol is becoming more available to them.

PRIDE Questionnaire Report for Grades 6 to 12, 2005-06 National Summary

According to the results, the majority of underage drinking takes place either at home or at the home of a friend. Furthermore, while usage increases dramatically from grade 6 to grade 12, both the perceived high risk of usage and their friends’ disapproval decrease in equal measure.