Students & Student Groups

Middle School/High School Students

Links for Middle School and High School Students to check out:

  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
    This peer leadership organization offers student-to-student prevention and intervention tools for dealing with underage drinking, drug use, impaired driving, and other harmful decisions.
  • The Cool Spot
    Go to this website to learn the truth about alcohol use among teens. Find out the facts about what alcohol can do to you, and also learn how to deal with peer pressure.
    This website was created as a way for you to get involved in limiting alcohol access in your communities. Here you’ll find links to other underage drinking websites as well as information on joining with local law enforcement to set up programs in your community.
  • Free Vibe
    With an emphasis on how alcohol is marketed to teens, this website tells you how to separate the truth from fiction and what to do if your friend or parent has a problem with alcohol.
    Alcohol Information:
    If your friend has a problem:
    If your parent(s) has a problem:
  • Century Council
    Operating under the premise of open communication, this non-profit center provides a wealth of programs dedicated to helping you learn about the issues of drunk driving and underage drinking. A variety of innovative CD-ROMs are available for you to watch.
  • Alcohol and Drug Information
    This "Tips for Teens" website answers common questions about alcohol, tells you how to figure out if your friend has a problem with drinking, and lets you know the facts behind underage drinking.
  • Al-Anon/Alateen
    This website introduces you to the Twelve Step Program and encourages help and education with alcohol abuse through like-minded experiences.
  • Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free
    This website tells you what alcohol can do to you (now and later in life), offers solutions for dealing with peer pressure, and provides a huge list of resources for learning more about underage drinking.
  • Check Yourself – Alcohol Quiz
    Take an alcohol quiz at where you also find stories, message boards, videos and information to "check" your relationship with drugs and alcohol.
    Click here to take the alcohol quiz.
  • A Guide to Safe & Sober Event Planning
    This website will help you and your parents set up non-alcoholic parties. In addition to a list of party themes and calendars, resources are also provided for getting your school and other kids involved in the process.
  • Party Right at Graduation
    Graduation is an important time in your life: a blend of accomplishment, relief, and stress that could cloud your judgment. That is why it’s important to talk to an adult role model before you attend any graduation parties where alcohol may be served. Teens should be made aware of the dangers of alcohol consumption. The lowering of inhibitions and loss of memory from drinking could lead to bad decisions such as drunk driving, fighting, vandalism, and unsafe sex. And, even worse, alcohol poisoning could kill you.
  • Top 10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Underage Drinking
    The information found in the below PDF was developed and reported by a group of Altoona Area teenage Girl Scouts, who participated in a project to reduce underage and dangerous drinking in the Blair county communities. The girls came up with a comprehensive list of the top ten things that most teens probably don’t know about underage and dangerous drinking. The project was supervised by the Altoona Regional Health System Drug and Alcohol Prevention Office with a grant from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

Elementary Students

Links for Elementary Students to check out: