Help Prevent Underage Drinking

As a role model for children and young adults, always being aware of your surroundings and actions can help you teach without being in a classroom. Proper usage of the following techniques can greatly change your environment and increase the chances that you will help someone make the right choices about alcohol.
  1. Refrain from drinking alcohol during social gatherings where children might witness alcohol abuse among parents, teachers, and other adults whom they know, trust, and emulate.
  2. Educate young people about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Teach them how to resist peer pressure.
  3. Assess student drinking to determine the extent of the problem.
  4. Find out what factors may be contributing to student drinking in your school or community.
  5. Educate parents about underage drinking.
  6. Develop an active partnership with the families of your students.

This and more information like this is available at Alcoholfreechildren.org

Teachers: Help Your Teen Students Party Right at Graduation

Graduation is an important time in a teenager’s life: a blend of accomplishment, relief, and stress that could cloud their judgment. That is why it’s important to talk to them before they attend any graduation parties where alcohol may be served. You need to make them aware of the dangers of alcohol consumption. The lowering of inhibitions and loss of memory from drinking could lead to bad decisions such as drunk driving, fighting, vandalism, and unsafe sex. And, even worse, alcohol poisoning could kill them.