Underage Drinking Legislation

STOP Underage Drinking Act

The Sober Truth on Preventing (STOP) Underage Drinking Act is the first federal legislature passed on the topic of underage drinking. The STOP Act will provide funds for a massive anti-drinking media campaign as well as grants designed to help communities and institutions of higher learning develop programs to deal with the problem. Additionally, the STOP Act provides money to research underage drinking and sets up a federal interagency committee on the topic. One of the best outcomes of the STOP Act will be the annual report put out by the Department of Health and Human Services which will document each state’s efforts to prevent underage drinking.

This is the first time in history that the prevention of underage drinking has been given this kind of priority. Even more hopeful is the fact that this was a consensus agreement among government officials, healthcare professionals, and other experts.

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Act 85 of 2006

As the result of changes made to the PA Liquor Code in July of 2006, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Bureau of Alcohol Education will now be preparing a biennial report on underage and dangerous drinking in the Commonwealth, including details on current levels, trends, and prevention programs in place. These reports will be due to the Legislature by February on odd-numbered calendar years.

There are many broad issues related to Act 85, such as:

  • National trends on underage and dangerous drinking.
  • Pennsylvania trends on underage and dangerous drinking.
  • Pennsylvania statistics related to underage and dangerous drinking.
  • Efforts to address the issue by state governmental agencies and organizations.
  • Current state statutes to address the problem.

However, we continue to go above and beyond these requirements with everything we do. From grant programs to media campaigns, elementary school programs to educational websites, the Bureau of Alcohol Education has increased its efforts to battle underage and dangerous drinking in Pennsylvania.